Liquid Roofing

Honeywell Liquid Roofing Project Completed

We’ve recently completed the installation of a Sika Liquid Roofing solution at long-standing client Honeywell’s site in Southend.

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HBS Partner with Sika Liquid Plastics

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Sika Liquid Plastics.

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Cut Edge Corrosion

Coated metal sheeting is one of the most common forms of roof cladding on industrial, commercial and leisure buildings that occupy large areas.

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HBS Appointed by Honeywell

HBS announce their appointment by long-standing client Honeywell to install a new liquid roof at their site in Southend.

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Electronic Leak Detection

Flat roof leaks can often be inevitable on waterproof membranes that have been installed for some time or have been exposed to substantial traffic. However, determining if a flat roof should be replaced or refurbished is a critical decision for any client and can have a significant impact both in terms of cost and from an operational perspective.

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