Liquid Roofing


Cut Edge Corrosion

Coated metal sheeting is one of the most common forms of roof cladding on industrial, commercial and leisure buildings that occupy large areas.

During the construction process metal roofing sheets are coated and then cut to length. Therefore the cut edge is exposed to the elements.

Over time, the exposed cut edge will rust and decay and the plastisol coating will delaminate. This edge corrosion is a progressive problem and if not treated can destroy the weather-sealed joint and the gutter overhang. When early remedial action is undertaken, it can prevent the expensive alternative of having to replace the complete metal sheet structure.

The leading brands that offer cut edge corrosion solutions only offer “water resistant” silicon based solutions with no waterproofing warranty. HBS offer a specification that competes on price and offers a waterproofing warranty by using a moisture cured polyurethane product.

The process of repairing the cut edge corrosion includes preparation, priming, and the product installation.

HBS have recently refurbished a problematic roof for our client Workspace at their East London Works building located in Whitechapel, London. The metal roof structure was failing due not only to cut edge corrosion but also to several leaks. The solution specified by HBS combined waterproofing and cut edge corrosion. 

If you would like to discuss any metal roof issue you may have we will provide you with a professional and knowledgeable solution.