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44-50 New Oxford Street


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44-50 New Oxford Street, London.


HBS Liquid Roofing were successful in tendering for the project as main contractor.

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HBS Liquid Roofing have completed the works as part of a major refurbishment of the property. 

The liquid roofing application recommended has many advantages over traditional systems which suited both this particular project and the client. The existing roof surface was thoroughly cleaned and prepared, any loose material was stripped off or repaired and existing flashings were inspected and tested prior to the application.

The two component elastomeric solvent based system has outstanding weatherproofing and waterproofing capabilities. The system consists of a base liquid and an activator which are mixed together to form a paste which once applied is touch dry and waterproof within one hour and hard dry within 2 hours. The system can be overcoated over an indefinite period and the application used on this project comes with a full 25 year National Federation of Roofing Contractors insurance backed warranty.

The liquid roofing system is becoming increasingly popular as it usually offers a very quick application time offering savings on extended access costs in addition to not requiring the use of any naked flames. The specialist coatings used are also odourless which is another obvious advantage in areas requiring public access.


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