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Atlas Business Centre




Atlas Business Centre, Cricklewood, London.


HBS Liquid Roofing were successful in tendering for the project as main contractor.

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The project at Atlas Business Centre involved and extensive treatment programme to completely refurbish the existing 1200 m2 corrugated Asbestos roofing, providing a far more cost effective and convenient option over replacement.

This project has been completed over several phases using the a liquid roofing system. HBS Liquid Roofing were able to offer a very efficient solution with the absolute minimum of disruption to the building occupants.  HBS’s specially trained operatives carried out a meticulous preparation procedure by brushing down and jet washing the whole roof area. This was followed by spraying the complete roof surface with an approved fungicidal treatment solution.

All joints and seams were thoroughly cleaned before being treated with Primer and Sealer. The area was then reinforced with CSM Matting before the two coat roofing treatment is applied. The system dries very quickly and fully stabilises the asbestos material. All the glazing frames were treated with an exterior grade polysulphide mastic prior to the glass areas themselves receiving a Urethane Glass Coating.

The specification received a 10-year product warranty.

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44-50 New Oxford Street