Liquid Roofing


London Data Centre


Global Telecommunications Company


Data Centre, London


HBS were successful in tendering for the project as main contractor.

Project value


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Uplands Business Centre

This ageing building houses the latest in communication technology therefore it is essential the client has a reliable and watertight roof.

The property is made up of a number of various flat roofs including single ply, asphalt and felt with all nearing the end of their economic life.

The client has experienced a number of leaks over recent years and the decision was taken to invest in a 25 year liquid roof to future proof the roof of the building and to allow this client to continue with what they do best unhindered by a problem roof. The decision was taken to invest with a market leading liquid roofing system, who not only have the brand reputation but also the technical support to ensure the project specification was designed and installed to the highest standards.

The project was successfully completed on programme and on budget through the winter months of 2014/2015.


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Uplands Business Centre